CotG: More Panini Basketball

Well I am a little late but it looks like that the Knicks beat the 76ers again. I have three more packs of Panini Basketball. Last time I pulled a Jerry West auto. Can lightning strike the same place twice?

Pack 1:
Josh Howard
Steve Nash
Erick Dampier
Carlos Boozer
Shane Battier
Desmond Mason
Memphis Grizzles Sticker
Danny Green
LeBron James All Pro
Hedo Turkoglu
Mike Miller
Nazr Mohammed

Pack 2:
Brandon Bass
Drew Gooden
Anthony Johnson
Deron Williams
Tracy McGrady
Earl Clark Auto !!!
Charlotte Bobcats
DeMarre Carroll
Nate Robinson Jam Masters
OJ Mayo
Joey Graham
Zach Randolph

Pack 3:
Goran Dragic
Paul Pierce
Jeff Foster
Louis Williams
Daequan Cook
Manu Ginobili
Orlando Magic Sticker
Dante Cunningham
Chris Paul All Pro
Andre Miller
Kelenna Azubuike
Rashad McCants

Sweet!! In just six packs, I pulled a Jerry West auto and an Earl Clark auto and each box is only guarantee one auto. I guess I have been rather lucky lately. I don’t know too much about Earl Clark and how well he is playing but he is a lottery pick.

For the CotG (Card of the Game), Nate Robinson isn’t on the team anymore and plus I have picked him a couple of times already (but the Jam Master is a nice card). One new member of the Knicks is T-mac so he is the CotG. It is interesting that the card show him playing against the Knicks and now he is one of few brights spots late in the season. But honestly he really hasn’t been that good and definitely not his old self. I really doubt he can regain his form this year, next year or ever. Still he is the best (one of the best?) player on the Knicks by default which is just sad.


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