Random Box Break: 2009 Upper Deck Prominent Cuts

These days it seems that I only spend the big money on MMA memorabilia and cards. 2009 Upper Deck Prominent Cuts is way late but it is loaded with MMA hits so I took the plunge and bought a box. There are five packs per box and four cards per pack. You are guaranteed one cut auto, two autos and two memorabilia cards. Before I forget, be sure to enter my UFC 111 contest for my other blog, Inasectv. UFC 111 is this Saturday and for the first time in a long time it is in the New York City area (really New Jersey since MMA is illegal in NY). Unfortunately tickets are sold out so I won’t be there is person but I will be in various signings and events scattered around the city.

Pack 1:
Tito Ortiz
Bill Bradley
Donovan Bailey
Bette Davis Dress

Not a bad way to start. Bette Davis is way before my time but her name is vaguely familiar to me. I am sure my parents (grandparents?) will know who she is.

Pack 2:
Tom Curren
Steve Largent
Jeremy Piven
Farrah Fawcett Pants 1/50

Sweet the Farrah Fawcett jumbo memorabilia card may be the hit of the box.

Pack 3:
Corky Carroll Who?
Kendra Wilkinson
Georges St. Pierre
Submit Five cards and get one free PSA card
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Auto

This is the auto of the little Nogueira. The Nogueira brothers have similar names but Rogerio is the Light Heavyweight and Rodrigo is the legendary Heavyweight. Rogerio is not young by any means but he is an up and comer in the UFC defeating Luis Cane in dominant fashion and it is predicted his position in the UFC Light Heavyweight division would skyrocket unlike Rodrigo who is on his way down.

Pack 4:
Rich Franklin
Jim Bunning
LeBron James
Free Grading from PSA card
Eli Wallach Cut Auto 8/53

Eli Wallach is also way before my time. Still the cut auto could have been a lot worst and I am pretty sure there are a lot of Eli Wallach fans out there. Right?

Pack 5:
Kim Kardashian
Dave Bing
John McCain
Brandon Vera Auto

This sucks. Brandon Vera had his face smashed in literally by the dangerous Jon Bones Jones last Sunday. This would have been a great pull three maybe four years ago. Anyways, when done right I love art cards. The artwork is spot on for Nogueira and Vera cards but it sucks that the autos are on a sticker.

As always for premium products, the box is probably worth more sealed which sucks. Still I love the cards I pull. I watched a couple of Youtube breaks and I could have done a lot worst. Personally my favorite card is the Nogueira auto but I would have liked to pulled bigger names in MMA. Anyways, I like to think of Prominent Cuts as Donruss Americana done right. They have similar price points and checklists but Donruss Americana just looks cheaper. For example the hit are just stickers or memorabilia pieces on base cards and most of the time it just doesn’t look right (eg a sticker auto right over the face). As for the cut autos, Upper Deck does them 100 times better than Signa Cuts (others are probably guilty too). It is not cut in weird shapes and you can see the whole auto. All in all it was a fun but expensive break and I don’t recommend to everybody.



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