Pics/ Scans from the UFC and Tapout Signings

I didn’t think I could do both but some how I did. There was a UFC signing with Stephen Bonnar and a Tapout signing with the Tapout Crew, Anthony Rumble Johnson and Bobby Lashley at the same time today. Lucky the lines weren’t that long and the signings were about two blocks apart. The fighters were great and willing to chat it up. All these MMA events the last couple of days in NYC just makes me really want MMA to be legal in New York asap. Everyone I talked to including the fighters/ Tapout crew today said it is happening but I’ll believe it when I see it.

I also didn’t realize Skyscrape signed a sticker for me so it is likely going to be a prize for other blog Inasectv sometime soon. Meanwhile, there is a UFC 111 contest going on now over twitter now and you could win two GSP cards and a Women’s MMA DVD. All you need to do is tweet me your best guess on when the GSP vs Hardy fight will end with the hashtag #InasecContest and the link, sometime before the match.


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