Random Pack Break: 2000 AD

2000 AD packs (from Strictly Ink) were marked down to $.50 each in my local comic book store and I can’t resist a good bargain so I bought out all the packs. I am just a little short of a box with 26 packs. There is a slight chance I pull a sketch cards so fingers crossed.

Real quick if you are not familiar with 2000 AD, it is a British science fiction comic company and it is most known for Judge Drudge. A Judge Drudge spinoff Judge Anderson is actually my favorite character in the 2000 AD world. In general, the comics are quite violent and philosophical at the same time. Grant Morrison (my favorite comic book writer), Alan Grant, Mark Millar and Alan Moore have written for 2000 AD at one point or another.

The Good News:
I completed the set 72/72 and I got 55 doubles. I also pulled three inserts but aren’t anything special. In fact, they seem like an afterthought.

The Bad News:
I didn’t pull a sketch card and what sucks the most is within the base set there are “teasers” of the best sketch cards you can pull.


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