Stand Out Autos: Chael Sonnen Plus Eight Autographed T-shirt

It took awhile but I won this autographed t-shirt at Swagbucks. According to the site, the autographs are of MMA fighters Chael Sonnen, Aaron Stark, Matt Horwich, Ed Herman, Jake Ellenberger, Dave Jansen, Zac George and Josh Bennett. I am not quite sure how accurate that is. I am also pretty sure that 9 not 8 people signed it and I am also having some difficulties identifying which autos is which.

The ones I know for sure:
Aaron The Identity Thief Stark- Legible
Ed Short Fuse Herman- Looked up nickname in sherdog
Dave the Fugitive Jansen- Legible

The ones I am pretty sure of:
Chael Sonnen (bottom right)

That leaves Matt Horwich, Jake Ellenberger, Zac George and Josh Bennett

The ones I not sure of:
I think the Red Devil is Zac George
I think Soulforce is Nathan Coy (which was not mentioned on Swagbucks)
I think the top right auto is Josh Bennett and I am not sure what the inscription is (looks like TGOB or T6013?).
The Judo auto looks like Judo Jim or Jon Krohn.
I am hoping the scribble under the judo auto is Jake Ellenberger.
I don’t see Matt Horwich anywhere.

Among them Chael Sonnen is probably the most successful followed by Jake Ellenberger. Chael Sonnen shocked the world by beating Nate the Great Marquardt and he will get a title shot against Anderson Silva in the near future. Jake Ellenberger is a mid-tier fighter in the UFC and he was supposed to fight Ben Saunders in UFC 111 but was off the card after Thiago Alves wasn’t cleared to fight thus shuffling the card around.

I love how MMA fighters sign their names along with their nicknames. It just ups the coolness factor. I just have to find a way to frame the T- shirt for cheap.


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