Another Box of Upper Deck Prominent Cuts & A Little UFC 112 Contest

I am running a little UFC 112 contest for my other blog. Just follow me @inasectvMMA and RT the following message “UFC 112 Predictions & Contest #InasecContest | Just follow @inasectvMMA & RT to enter” You can win a Skyscrape autograph, a Women MMA DVD and Kick Ass (the movie) Lenticular. Make sure you have the link and the hashtag so I can track the entries and I will pick a winner tomorrow night (4/10).

Anyways I really really like Prominent Cuts which it not good for my wallet. But my card store marked it down to $185 so I had to take another plunge. Fingers crossed for good MMA autos.

Pack 1:
Tommy Chong
Daniel Negreanu
Randy Couture
Greta Garbo Dress Memorabilia

Greta Garbo is way before my time but the guys in the hobby store know who she is. According to wikipedia, she is ranked fifth greatest female star.

Pack 2:
Dave Bing
John McCain
Kim Kardashian
Rashad Evans Auto

Not bad. I became a fan of Rashad Evans after The Ultimate Fighter 10. I hope he kicks Rampage Jackson’s ass when they finally fight in the cage.

Pack 3:
Bill Clinton
Cheech Martin
Bill Bradley
Jim Carrey Jumbo Swatch 20/40

I thought for a second that this was a letterman but it is just a yellow stripe. Nice card but I am not a big fan of Jim Carrey.

Pack 4:
Corky Carroll
Kendra Wilkinson
Georges St. Pierre
Lyoto Machida Auto
PSA Card

AHHH YEAHHH! The Dragon, The Champion Lyoto Machida. Machida is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world and probably best karate guy in MMA. Some say he didn’t deserve the win in his last fight with Shogun Rua but I am very confident he will prove all the naysayers wrong in the rematch. Anyways, I notice that I pulled the same base cards in both packs with the MMA autos with the packs with the MMA autos in the last box which kind of sucks. Plus there is a good chance that these two boxes came from the same case.

Pack 5:
Tony Blair
Phil Hellmuth
Khloe Kardashian
Free Grading From PSA
Walter Koenig Cut Sig 29/50

Walter Koenig doesn’t ring a bell so I had to wiki him and he apparently is actor who is best known for his role in Star Trek and Babylon 5. Not the best cut in the world but there are a lot of Star Trek fans out there so who knows.

Not a bad box overall. I like this box better because of Machida alone although I like the cut auto and memorabilia cards from the other box more. I still love this product and it could be real steal if the price keeps dropping.

BTW, I think it is as good of a time as any to blog about the whole Upper Deck situation. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out they practically buried six feet under already. I have always been a Upper Deck fan and I guess with me liking this product so much I will be a fan to the very end. I know Upper Deck has done some shady things in the recent past but I always thought their products were more exciting to break especially when it come to the high end product and their hits. It has been accepted that they are the innovators of the industry (good and bad) and more competition is always good. I am disappointed that they lost all the licensees except the NHL and the college ones which won’t keep them in business. Thinking about it if they had the foresight they could have secure the UFC license but Topps pretty much got a stranglehold on that now. Really I don’t see may scenarios for them to stay in business since all is left is niche sports which may not be worth the effort. Such a shame. I could see myself moving away from collecting cards to collecting more memorabilia. We’ll see.



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4 responses to “Another Box of Upper Deck Prominent Cuts & A Little UFC 112 Contest

  1. lonestarr

    Chekov, nice! 😀

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