Blog Bat Around: The Ultimate Shopping Spree

So the latest blog bat around is what I would get in the ultimate shopping spree. I primary collect Asian athletes (mostly baseball and basketball) and if I had $50,000 I would definitely love to add autographs and/ or memorabilia of the Asian trailblazers of the NFL, NBA and MLB. They are:

Walter “Sneeze” Achiu/ NFL (1927)- I can’t even find a photo of this guy.

Wataru Misaka/ NBA (1947)

Masanori Murakami/ MLB (1964)

All three very tough autographs to get and Walter Achiu might be impossible. Memorabilia is extremely scare too so I would likely have to go beyond eBay to find them and who knows how much it would cost.

Something more realistic I would go for (and I going to be greedy) is a case of Exquisite Basketball for every year in its existence (which I believed is from 2003 to 2009). Currently I have only one card from Exquisite and that is a Elton Brand base card I got from a trade. I would love to get my hands on more. Exquisite is as high end as you can get and the hits/ the cards that come from that product are simply stunning. A case of 2003-04 Exquisite Basketball alone would cost $9,295.00 so a case of each year of Exquisite may or may not go over $50,000. O wells. Personally I prefer opening packs than hunting for singles. The chase is more than half the fun, right? Plus it would make for one hell of a box break/ blog post and with so many boxes, I am pretty much guarantee a Kobe Byrant, LeBron James and Michael Jordan autograph (the big three in basketball collecting world), I think…



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2 responses to “Blog Bat Around: The Ultimate Shopping Spree

  1. Darin Williams

    If you google “Portsmouth Spartans” you will find a photo of Sneeze Achiu.

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