My State of the Hobby Rant and Oh a Bunch of 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1 Too

Before I open these packs, I have to say I am not too happy about the state of our hobby. I find myself with less to choose from and the products that are out all feel the same (looking at you Topps for baseball cards and looking at you Panini for basketball cards). It doesn’t help that all the major sports now have exclusives with one company. My hobby store used to have a whole counter of the latest products but the latest products just cover maybe about half the counter nowadays. Plus I am just not that excited about opening packs anymore and I feel like I have gotten everything already. For example Allen and Ginter was cool, but not for three years in a row with little changes between them. In other words, everything is just monotonous to me. Same crappy autographs, same boring relics pieces and let’s face it the base cards are an afterthought. It also sucks that when I buy a $200 box of cards I get only about let’s say $50- $80 worth of cards if I sell it on eBay (not that I do, I hate eBay). Basically the point is I am going to try to take a break from opening packs of sports cards for awhile to see if I can reignite my interest in them. So slowly expect to see more sport memorabilia posts on this site as that is my new addiction. I rather save up for something really cool then a bunch of cards I don’t really want. (I just have to be more careful since there are so much fakes out there.) I do have tons of unopen packs in my room so there will be a random pack break here and there and of course I am still open for trades.

Anyways before my break from sports cards, I have a rack pack and 5 retail packs of 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1 which I got from K-mart. 2010 Topps Baseball is probably my product of the year mostly for those Topps Millions Card Giveaway code. So fingers crossed I pull one.

Top Pack:
Matt LaPorta
Pirates Franchise History
Josh Beckett
Lyle Overbay
Hank Blalock
CC Sabathia
A’s Franchise History
John Lackey
Ross Ohlendorf
Angels- I like how it is just Angels since no one know what to call them anymore.
Seattle Mariners
Prince Fielder Gold 947/2010
Babe Ruth History of the Game
Justin Upton Toppstown
Vladimir Guerrero
Scott Hairston
Kelly Shoppach
Craig Counsell
Rich Harden

Bottom Pack:
Justin Duchscherer
Josh Bard
Elvis Andrus
Dodgers Franchise History
Randy Johnson
Mat Latos
Milton Bradley
Jim Palmer The Cards Your Mom Threw Out
Stephen Drew Turkey Red
Ozzie Smith Tales of the Game- This is like the fifth time I pulled this card
Nolan Ryan/ Zack Greinke Legendary Lineage
Ty Cobb Peak Performance
David Hernandez
John Maine
Kansas City Royals
David DeJesus
Akinori Iwamura

I am not going to bother breaking down the other packs. I really got nothing of note and most of all no Million Card Giveaway codes. My favorite card of the bunch has to be the Prince Fielder card. It has the coolest photo in the set by far. Too bad I have like 10 of of them. Thinking about it, I bought so much 2010 Topps Baseball that I should almost have the whole set. They are just crammed in a box right now and one day I should really go through them to see how close I really am to completing the set.

(Maybe it is good or bad timing but I was about to finish this post when I read this from Sports Card Uncensored. It is a good read and I tend to agree with a lot of it.)



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2 responses to “My State of the Hobby Rant and Oh a Bunch of 2010 Topps Baseball Series 1 Too

  1. John Bateman

    Hey, Look, with less card sets made, your 2010 Prince Fielder Gold card will have more exposure. (i.e. People will remember it). Maybe it will not be a Andy Pafko but it will have a more intrinsic value (as long as Topps does not produce 30 sets this year).

    Think of a 1975 Robin Yount – everyone knows what his rookie card looks like. They have an image of it in their minds.

    Do you have an image of Prince Fielder rookie card in your mind. No.

    Today, People still want the Yount card.

    Patience – 10-15 years from now people will want that Fielder card. I know if is not the same because Topps makes Bowman, AG, Finest, Heritage etc…. If Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer etc… made cards of Fielder his Topps card would have got lost in a sea of under exposure.

  2. Interesting point. We’ll see!

    Oh for the record patience is one of the few traits I don’t have…

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