Random Pack Break: CSI New York

Since I am taking a break from sports cards for awhile, I went to the non- sport section of my card store to see what caught my eye. CSI: NY and CSI: Miami packs were marked down to $.50 each. I didn’t really what to spend too much money on tons of cards I don’t really want so I went with CSI: NY since I am a fellow New Yorker. Honestly I don’t really watch the show but my family watches it religiously. There is always a CSI or Law and Order episode airing at any point of the day (trust me). SpikeTV alone airs CSI for like 10 hours straight in the middle of the day every day. Anyways, the odds of pull something are 30:1 for a sketch card and 30:1 for an auto. I have 22 packs and honestly I hoping to get a sketch card.

The Breakdown:

Base Cards 63/72 87.5% complete with 45 doubles

Inserts 1 ID card that is very limited. It says so in the back.

Anyways I did pull a hit but it wasn’t a sketch card but an auto of Chad Lindberg (as Chad Willingham). I actually pulled a Chad Lindberg auto already for Supernatural. What are the odds? With these two autos (which are the only two certified autos of him), does that make me a Chad Lindberg super collector?

All in all, the product is exactly what you expect for non- sport cards of movies and TV shows. It just sucks that I got so many doubles without completing the set.


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