Random Pack Break: CSI Miami

When I said in the previous post that I was was either going to get CSI: New York or CSI: Miami because buying both would be too expensive for cards I don’t really want, I lied. I went back to the card store to buy out all their CSI: Miami packs. There is no way I could check the CSI: New York wrapper but the CSI: Miami wrapper advertised 7 premium cards per pack but clearly there are only 5 card per pack which is a huge difference. O wells, it is still only $.50 each and again I got 22 packs.

The Breakdown:

Base Cards- 68/72 94.4% complete and 39 doubles

Inserts- This time I got two ID cards. Hurray Me!

Hits- I pulled a costume card this time. It is actually won by Tony Hawk which is pretty cool. Unlike most sports cards memorabilia cards, this is card is rather thin (it is fits in a topholders for base cards). I pulled it in the last pack I opened so I was almost certain I wasn’t going to get anything good, making it that much more special. BTW, I don’t know too much about this product but I believe you either get a sketch card or costume card in addition to one or two guarantee autographs per box. Personally I preferred a sketch card but I googled and ebay some of the CSI sketch cards and they are UGLY. So maybe this is for the best.

All in all, again the product is nothing too innovative but it was a fun break.


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