Quick Review: 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball

I haven’t bought baseball cards in awhile (a week) and so I bought two packs of 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball (I know I can’t resist). Heritage seems to be a popular product year after year but I am not that high on it. We’ll see.

Pack 1:
Adam Wainwright
Brad Hawpe
Trevor Cahill
Yadier Molina
Reds Heavy Artillery
Young Bucs
Chien- Ming Wang
Grady Sizemore

Pack 2:
Mat Latos
John Maine
Kendry Morales
Chris Volstad
Ozzie’s Aces
Ruth Chase ’61
Cobb Ends Career with 4,189 Hits
Carlos Ruiz

The cards look good with the photos blending in with the vintage designs well and you can’t complain too much about a tried and true design. But Heritage is rather dull for me and I much rather open a vintage alternative like Allen and Ginter who has all those fun inserts. Maybe I am just not the target market for this product since I didn’t collect Topps way back when… what year this mimicking again? BTW, the gum tasted HORRIBLE. I had to spit it out (in shards since the gum is hard as a rock) in the middle of the street and it left a nasty aftertaste. I want to give the product on thumbs down on the gum alone because you would think Topps would have figure out how to make decent tasting gum by now. Still I understand this product could appeal to set builders and I guess older collectors who remember the golden age of card collecting. It certainly isn’t the worst product out there now.


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