Topps Million Card Giveaway and My Switch Pitcher Collection

I had $2.95 left on my gift card and was looking for ways to use it up. Sure enough that is just enough to cover for shipping for one card in Topps Million Card Giveaway. Luckily there is really only one card there I want anyways. That card is a 1973 Bert Campaneris. The card is pretty good condition, pack fresh even. It is just miscut.

I didn’t know at the time but I found out he was a switch pitcher (probably for a game or two in the minors) from the back of the card. I have a little switch pitcher collection going on and it was a nice addition. Speaking of my switch pitcher collection I had to dig through my closet to pull at this.

It is a ball signed TTM by Pat Venditte and a card signed TTM by Greg Harris. Of course they are the two most well known switch pitchers of the modern baseball era. I guess I need to get Bert Campaneris auto now TTM. Wish me luck.

Anyways here are the cards left in my Topps Million Card Giveaway collection.

Definitely for trade:
Leon Wagner 1967
Boots Day 1971
George Hendrick 1973
Mike Cosgrove 1975

For trade for the right card:
Jon Matlack 1975
Tom Seaver 1987
Hideki Irabu 2003
Tomo Ohka 2005
Kazuhisa Ishii 2005
Kenji Johjima 2008

I have been getting a lot of offer for the Jon Matlack 1975 but as a Mets fan, it is going take quite a bit to pull that away from me.


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