Bamboozle New Jersey Music Festival Pics

This is not to going to convert to a music blog I swear!

Anyways these are my favorite three performance from Bamboozle and as you can see I tend to like alternative and indie music (which actually doesn’t say much when you think about it.)

3)- Honestly I only went to the Dear Hunter set because I confused them with Deerhunter but I ended up for the best. I can only describe their music as alternative and they have a hard raw sound but it isn’t the monotonous stuff people associate with this genre. Ending with “Happiness is a Warm Gun” is a perfect way to go.

2)- The Joy Formidable was the surprise of the festival. I am not very good in categorizing music but I would say they are a dream pop maybe shoegazing band. Anyways I wasn’t in a good mood before their set as it was hot, humid and OK Go had a rather lackluster showing. Plus there were way too many screamo bands but I overheard their music while getting lunch and was immediately drawn. Their front woman is 100% more talented than say Ke$ha (who absolutely can’t sing live). Their wall of sound and epic buildups just works for live performances and this is band I will keep an eye out for.

1)- I was actually recommended to see Mute Math by someone on the bus getting there and I am so glad I went. Mute Math is freakin insane and you really have to see them live to really grasp what that means. Mute Math’s drummer is hand down the best drummer of the whole festival and probably top 10 overall. It really hard to articulate their awesomeness.

I also got this awesome Family Guy t-shirt and it is crazy that was cheaper than my lunch.


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