Random Box Break: 2010 Razor Ink Vault

I am going to start off on a sad note. Today I passed the card store closest to where I live and it is just now an empty storefront with a huge for rent sign (which is all too common in NYC now). The owner was super nice and it just sucks how tough it is to make a card store work nowadays. Anyways I was craving some non- sport cards so I got a box of Razor Ink Vault from Chameleon Comics which is quite a bit farther from where I live. It was the last box in the store and I am hoping for some great hits. It is guaranteed four autographs and a random non- sport box.

First the autographs:

If you can’t see from the scans, the autos are of Lorena Gale, Gina Torres as Zoe Washington, Stan Winston and Sarah- Jane Redmond as Nell Lang. No one I really care about. Stan Winston is a special effects guy which I don’t know is cool or not.

The sealed box is Smallville. Not bad. I use to watch the show but I lost interest say about the third season. I am a huge comic book fan but Smallville becoming to much of a teen drama if you know what I mean. I really hope I don’t pull a redemption because that would really really suck.

The breakdown:
Base Set: I got two complete sets and 55/90 (61.1% complete) of a third set. If you want one, it is definitely for trade.

Inserts: 3 puzzle pieces, 2 The Powers That Be and 1 Archer’s Quest.

I am never a fan of puzzle pieces because they don’t mean much if you don’t complete the puzzle and I rarely complete the puzzle.

The hits:

Not bad. I got a memorabilia of Superman himself and Tori Spelling does ring a bell. I got two autographs from this product (Tori Spelling and Nell Lang) and the design is such a bore. No thought went to it whatsoever. I also noticed how the Tori Spelling auto uses her name and the Nell Lang is the characters name (the actress is Sarah- Jane Redmond). Just a weird thing I noticed.

All in all I could have done a lot worst.



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7 responses to “Random Box Break: 2010 Razor Ink Vault

  1. The Stan Winston card is pretty cool, but I’m impressed by the work his studio did over the years (especially Terminator & T-2.) He won’t be signing any more.

    Tori Spelling would have entertained me (maybe she was playing herself in Smallville? That’s the only reason I can think of for not listing a character name on the front of the card.)

    The Razor Vault stuff is a little too random for me to really feel the urge to take a chance, though.

  2. Tori Spelling plays a character named Linda Lake according to the card and yea the Razor Vault is a bit of a gamble but you can get it cheap these days.

  3. I must admit, I still watch Smallville nine seasons in. I can’t help it. I’ve got to see if they ever put him in the tights. They probably should have done it about 5 seasons ago and ended it then.

  4. Awesome on the Stan Winston and Gina Torres autos. 😀

  5. @lonestarr Either one of them can be yours for the sketch card.

  6. snarf888

    Hey im first time tot his blog jsut researching what hobby boxes to buy,anyways do you still have the stan wilson card?,i loved small soldiers which si the movie he was in and that cards from,i would be interested in it,if you still have it,also j/w how much did you pay for the box?

  7. I’m sorry but I traded the Stan Winston card already.

    And if my memory serves me right I think I paid about $55 for the box but you might be able to get cheaper now.

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