Random Box Break: Tristar TNA The New Era Blaster

When I go to Target I tend to spend more on cards than things I actually need. O wells. This time I came back with a blaster of Tristar TNA the New Era Blaster. There are 24 cards and 1 guaranteed autograph. You can’t beat that!

First off, it sucks that the cards aren’t in packs. It may just be me but opening packs in part of the fun. Instead it is packed like a set with all in the cards in flimsy see through wrapper which with this setup I think it is impossible to pull inserts and parallels. While I am on the packaging, the cards are protected by a L shape foam to keep it from moving around but some of the cards still ended up being damaged which kind of sucks. It is not too noticeable by as a collector I see these things.

As for the base cards, there is not a lot that can be said. From the small sample size, the card design is rather boring and there are probably too many posed shots as opposed to actions shots. Plus do you really need three Ric Flair cards with almost identical photos?

The auto:

Not bad. I’m not a fan of Angelina Love but I know she is very popular with TNA. It better than pulling so jobber which I am sure happen more often than not. Actually I am pretty lucky with opening TNA packs. I had only previously open 8 or so packs and I pulled a Sting Auto/ Memorabilia and a Kevin Nash auto already. Plus kind of related I won a bunch of TNA hits before including an auto of the Abyss. I am just missing the really really big pull like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan or Kurt Angle…


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