Random Pack Break: Upper Deck Documentary

I haven’t opened baseball cards in awhile so I have four packs of the poorly rated Upper Deck Documentary. My card store had only four packs left and gave it to me cheap. I believe these actually my first packs of Documentary and if you are not familiar with Documentary, the gimmick is that there is a card for each game of the 2008 season.

The breakdown:
Base cards: 54 and only two of those I need for my PC
Gold Parallels: 4
All Star Game: 2

You probably heard it all on why Documentary is one of the worst products ever. I particularly hate it because there is no mention on who the photo is of making it difficult for those with players collections like me. For example, it think this is Kenji Johjima and I had to look up to make sure. (That two on the elbow protector confirms by guess I believe.)

Also the photos often have no relation with the game they are referring too. Sometimes they show players who didn’t even play in the game. Many of the photos are reused and with so much cards, good luck trying to build the sets. For a low tier product you are better off getting the base set but boxes are going for as low as $21 a box and it could be a good bargain.



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: Upper Deck Documentary

  1. I’ve thought about buying a box to keep all the Red Sox and use the rest to trade away to team collectors since there are so many cards of each team I dont’ know any blogger that has a team set built yet. But then again I don’t know any blogger that actually likes them… I have 36 different Red Sox so far; kind of demoralizing that after 36 cards I am still 126 cards short of the whole team set.

  2. I bought a pack of this stuff once out of curiosity (plus, it was only a buck), but even at that price point I felt cheated! It’s WAY too big of a set – a trend UD fell in love with – so there’s no real point in buying these. For the same price, I’d rather get something like Opening Day or Upper Deck X.

    I think there’s one autograph in each box, though probably of a true D list player.

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