One Pack Review: 2010 Bowman Baseball

I am writing this as I travel to Boston on a bus with my netbook so please excuse me if I have any typos or grammar errors. Anyways before I got on the bus I stopped by my comic book store since I wanted some reading materials for my trip. 2010 Bowman Baseball is one of the hottest things out there (not there is a lot to choose from) and I wanted to see what’s up. Unfortunately there is only one pack left in the store. I am really looking for anything Strasburg even a base card will do.

The pack:
Kevin Slowey
Brandon Phillips
Rick Porcello
Roy Oswalt
Hunter Pence Throwback
Checklist 5/5
James Beresford Chrome
Wilmer Font Chrome
Brian Pellegrini
Edinson Rincon
Neftali Feliz Gold

(I will post a scan of the cards when I get back.)

Just the name Stephen Strasburg is 99% of why Bowman is so hot right now. With all the crazy prices people are paying for his cards, I didn’t hit the jackpot. Of course there are other solid prospects in the set like Aroldis Chapman but lets be honest does anyone care about anything other than Strasburg in this product. Of the prospects I got in this pack I honestly don’t recognize any of them which is never a good sign. As for the card design, is it just me of does Bowman looks about the same every year front and back. I am not really a prospector but I buy a couple packs of Bowman every year. I can’t recall pulling anything great but whatever.

All in all it is back to the bargain bin for me.



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5 responses to “One Pack Review: 2010 Bowman Baseball

  1. Cam

    Hey Ray, mini trade for the Pence, Oswalt, and Pellegrini? Shoot me an email if interested.

  2. Not a problem. Email sent.

  3. do they make a Brett Gardner card on this set?

  4. @Tommy Took a look at the checklist and I don’t see his name.

  5. ig, thanks.
    next year tho! lol

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