Random Box Break: Another Tristar TNA The New Era Blaster

I have another blaster of Tristar TNA The New Era. Again it has 24 cards with one of them being 1 guaranteed auto.

The breakdown:

The base cards

Not bad. I got a couple of Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Generation Me (aka the Young Bucks) and Sting cards. This litter of cards had more action shots which is always a good thing. It is just too bad with two blasters I am not even close to completing the set. Also I was surprised to pull a Hulk Hogan Obak card. I am not sure if it is a insert of not since it is numbered 91 and I am not sure if Limited Edition of 600 means there is only 600 in existence.

The Auto

Eh. Doug Williams is definitely not the most popular wrestlers out there. I am pretty sure after his mini push with the X Division title he would go back to obscurity. But I am have to admit his finisher, the Chaos Theory is sick. It is hard to explain but it is kind of like a off the ropes tumbling German Suplex. Anyways I am pretty sure the Hulk Hogan Obak card is worth more than his auto which is kind of sad.



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2 responses to “Random Box Break: Another Tristar TNA The New Era Blaster

  1. Ah well, you can take solace in the fact that when it comes to actual wrestling ability, he’s one of the very best in the entire world.

  2. Yep. Too bad he has only used his finisher like two times in TNA. He was better as a tag team the British Invasion.

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