My Summer Playlist

With summer right around the corner, everyone (maybe not everyone) is publishing their summer playlists and I figure to post mine’s here. I am afraid it is heavy on the indie genre but all the songs in the list always puts me in a good mood and are always in heavy rotation.

She & Him

The combination of Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward is insanely infectious.

Matt and Kim
I seen them three times already and it is going to be four after the Siren Festival. They are that good. Just simply fun catchy pop music. This is the song everyone knows them for.

Mates of States
Before Matt and Kim, there was Mates of States. I saw them live once in a music festival and I was instantly hook. It is so hard to choose one song.

Changing the mood with some dream pop.

Sleigh Bells
I just start getting into to them. They are characterized as Noize Pop (which is new to me), catchy while being loud and distorted. Tell ‘Em another awesome song BTW.

Camera Obscura
This is band I always I want to see live but I always seem to miss them when they play in NYC. As for their music let’s say I could play their CD in loop all day and it would seem just as fresh as the first time I played it.

I am always open to new music so feel free to hit me up with suggestions.



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4 responses to “My Summer Playlist

  1. Not quite the same as the groups you listed above, but take a listen to 5 A Seco

    Brazilian group.

  2. 4 A Seco is not half bad! That makes me what to recommend Rodrigo y gabriela.

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