Ice Cream Social = Free Camera Obscura Concert and Free Ice Cream

Camera Obsura is one of my favorite bands (they are in my summer playlist) and they were a band I wanted to see live for a long time. The timing was just not right every time they play in the New York. Fortunately they played a free set today at the Brooklyn Flea and I knew I had to go. In their words, it was a treat for New Yorkers.

If you been following my blog, my digital camera broke and my camera phone sucks. It can’t take good pictures in the dark and it can’t zoom. My pictures are horrible but what the heck. Some of my friends took pictures too and I will update when they send to me (if they send to me).

The event was called Ice Cream Social thus there was free ice cream! I was one of the first to get in the concert space and I had a choice between being among the first few for ice cream or to get a prime spot to see the band. I choose the ice cream since it has been scorching the last few days. The ice cream The Sweetest Cream (in honor of the The Sweetest Thing a Camera Obscura song) was awesome so mucho thanks to Blue Marble Ice Cream.

I didn’t have a good picture of the band and this is the best I have. I wish the stage was a little higher and I was so glad that no tall people stood in my way.

Did I mention the concert space was in a bank vault? Super Cool.

BTW Camera Obscura are playing in Grand Ballroom NYC tomorrow June 7th. I would love to go see them again but I have work. I will leave you with my favorite Camera Obscura song which they didn’t play this set but beggars can’t be choosey.


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