One Pack Review: Rittenhouse Spider-Man Archives

Ever since Inkworks went out of business, Rittenhouse Archives has been king in the non- sport world and I must say I am a fan. As for Spider-man Archives, they are everything you want in comic cards. They are bright and vibrant capturing keys characters and moments of Spider-Man comics. Plus it is something very small, but for non- sport card 95% I prefer a full photo/ art design so an ugly border doesn’t distract from the rest of the card. Anyways I am not sure if they are one per pack but I got a foiled card and I assume it is a parallel since has a set number.

Anyways while I am in the non- sport card mood, I had these two promos cards laying around my desk. I got them from a Non- Sport Update magazine. I can’t imagine why someone who want Paranormal Activity cards (although I admit I haven’t watch the movie). Also it is just me or do the James Bond card remind you of the Topps Big card back in the late 80’s.


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