Five Packs of 2010 Bowman Baseball: The Hunt of Stephen Strasburg

I don’t know if it is true for everyone but 2010 Bowman Baseball is almost impossible to find in NYC. They are either all sold out or jacked up in price ($30 for a jumbo pack, really??). Lucky I found a Modell’s that got a new shipment of Bowman blister packs and they are at its suggested retail price of $2.99. I got five packs and I would have bought more if I have more cash on me. I am not going to lie. I really really want anything Strasburg. Anyways my pulls.

A couple of solid prospects and rookies:

A couple of Mets farmhands. Yea really only got two cards net for my collection.

A couple of cards going into my PC

I also got a purple refractor but I never heard of him.

All in all no Strasburg but I can’t complain too much about my pulls. It could have been a lot worse.



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3 responses to “Five Packs of 2010 Bowman Baseball: The Hunt of Stephen Strasburg

  1. w00t Starlin! And a purple! I didn’t even know there were Cubs prospects in this that weren’t shortstops, lol. There are at least three Cubs shortstop prospects BESIDES Starlin in this. Good to know we’re covered if he doesn’t work out I guess. 😛

  2. John Bateman

    One thing for sure 2010 is the year of the rookie like no other year that I have seen except maybe 1986.

  3. @John Totally agree. Topps picked a good year for an exclusive.

    An little update I bought out the rest of the Bowman packs in Modell’s today and I pulled the Strasburg Chrome I was looking for! I will have a post soon.

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