Random Box Break: Inkworks Hellboy Animated Sword of Storms

I love the Hellboy comics but honestly I never watch the Hellboy animated specials. I guess I never found to the time to watch it but I see the DVD all the time in bargain bins. Anyways my comic book store had a box of Hellboy and a box of 4400 for $19. I had $20 so in the end I chose the Hellboy box since it was a sketch card per box while 4400 had autographs guaranteed per box. As you may know Inkworks went under and the autographs may be redemptions that are worthless.

My pulls:
The base cards

I am sure I got two complete sets with a few to spare but I don’t really feel like sorting it out right now.

The Inserts

The Abe Sapin card is a box topper and the Hellboy die cuts are pretty cool.

The Puzzle

I hate puzzles since I never complete them.

Finally the Sketch card

This is a beautiful sketch from Billy Martinez of Hellboy with I assume the Sword of Storms. The card is serialed 214/247 but that really doesn’t mean much.

All in all this is a great box break for $19. I might actually go back to buy the 4400 box if it is still there. 4400 was a little while back but I remember watching it every week. In face I have the DVDs (which I bought when Blockbuster went out of business) but I have yet to touch it. Man I wish I had more free time…


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One response to “Random Box Break: Inkworks Hellboy Animated Sword of Storms

  1. Nice. I think you did well for $20.

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