My Firsts: Autograph & Memorabilia Card Pulls Edition

Everyone remember their firsts (or so they say) and I have a stellar memory of all things useless. So I thought I would be cool to reminiscent of my first hits I pulled.

My first autograph pull:

I actually remember getting Topps packs from J&R and pulling this autograph. It is actually the first hit I ever pulled and I was freaking out. I put in a toploader and it has been there ever since. As the story goes, before I only bought a few random packs here and there and not enough to pull anything good. In fact I sold my little collection on eBay for mere pennies. Anyways fast forwarding a couple of years, I was in J&R a music/ electronic store, shopping for CDs (gasp what a concept) and I saw these baseball packs for sale. I said what the heck and now I am in deep.

My first memorabilia card pull:

I actually got this Edgardo Alfonzo card from a pack in a card machine in a Pathmark near me. There was only one of this Donruss pack left so I got it probably for a buck. As a Mets fan, it is funny how life works out. Edgardo Alfonzo is largely forgotten now but he was once part of the great infield in Mets maybe in MLB history.

My first cut auto pull:

This was a huge mistake. Before this card I didn’t have any cut autographs in my collection so I picked up a pack of Signa Cuts, which is guaranteed one. I knew it was risky but boy did I strike out. Not only it is of a player no one cares about but it is also ugly as hell. I have since pulled two more cut autos from the UD Prominent Cuts product.

My first multi auto card pull:

I have bought multi auto cards before as singles and won them but never pulled one (I believe) until recently (last week). It is from Sage squared product and yea it is guaranteed a duel auto but I didn’t know it at the time. I normally don’t collect football cards but I wanted to buy something different. Plus I was really really hoping to pull a Mark Sanchez.

My first sketch card pull:

While I am at it here is my first sketch card I pulled and it from the Rittenhouse Batman Archives. It is of the batcycle. Not even the batmobile but the batcycle. I guess you can’t win them all.


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