Random Blaster Break: 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum

I haven’t opened any baseball packs in awhile so I have another blaster of 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum. If you can still find them, K-Mart has it priced at $5.99. You can’t beat that. Each blaster has 4 packs with 5 cards each and it is guarantee one memorabilia card.

Pack 1:
Johan Santana
Alex Gordon
Dustin Pedroia Jersey Blue
Ken Griffey Jr.
Brian Roberts

Pack 2:
Victor Martinez
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Troy Glaus
Mariano Rivera
Clayton Kershaw

Pack 3:
Carlos Gonzalez
Johan Santana Blue
Aramis Ramirez
Albert Pujols
Frank Thomas

Pack 4:
Ryan Braun
Lance Berkman
Miami Hurricanes 20th Anniversary
Prince Fielder
Dan Uggla

I am pretty sure I reviewed 2009 Spectrum before but the basic gist of it is I hate the color purple and at full price is it definitely not worth it especially the retail version. Really the only appeal of the product is the celebrity autographs and that is a rare pull (open at least six blasters already and no autos). Plus there are a lot better celebrity products out there.

But I got two cards I needed for my PC (I think), the Ichiro and Daisuke Matsuzaka cards. The hit of the box Dustin Pedroia is not bad (could have done a lot worst) and it is up for trade. The blaster also had two Mets, both Johan Santana. That isn’t a problem as he is the ace of the staff and he practically won the game by himself today.


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