Random Pack Break: 2010 Allen and Ginter

I am a little late to the game but I have three packs of 2010 Allen and Ginter. Year after year it is one of the of not the best product out there.

This year’s product feels about the same with the only noticeable difference is the addition of color, light blue on the backgrounds of the base cards and wrappers and I believe orange on the borders of the hits. Right of the bat, I am not a big fan of the addition. It is hard to finger but it just doesn’t work for me. Still the this year products checklist seems to be as crazy if not crazier than years past. Where else would you get a card of the revolving door and a leopard?

But This Day in History inserts are kind of meh to me.

Anyways, I didn’t really get anything of note but I did pull two cards for my PC. A Ichiro base and Iwamura mini. But Allen and Ginter is also a fun break and I am sure I will buy more packs. I mention I was getting a little bored of retro sets before (and I believe I did single out Allen and Ginter) but it is hard to tell yet if it is going to more of same so we’ll see.


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