Pack Battle: Topps WCW NWO Nitro vs Topps WWE Action

I went on a little bargain hunt and found these in the bargain bin.

They are two packs of Topps WCW NWO Nitro (1998) and two packs of Topps WWE Action (2007). So we have a little pack battle here reminiscent of the old Monday Night War days.

WCW Pack 1:
AC Jazz
WCW v The Pac vs Hollywood

WCW Pack 2:
Dean Malenko
Silver King
Nash v Goldberg

WWE Pack 1:
Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Bobby Lashley vs Umaga
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels
Hardcore Holly
Balls Mahoney
King Booker
The Miz

WWE Pack 2:
Steve Richards
Joey Styles
Matt Striker
John Cena and I think Randy Orton Lenticular
Big Daddy V

The pulls:
Right off the bat, the John Cena lenticular card stands out from the rest even though I am not really a fan. Plus even though I didn’t really watch wrestling as much as I wanted to in the 90’s, I recognize a lot more WWE fighters than WCW. Of the WCW characters all I recognize/ care about is Dean Malenko, Raven, Nash and Goldberg. The rest of WCW cost are soooo cheesey.

The design:
Speaking of cheesey I hate the 90’s design of the WCW cards. They are busy and just not appealing to the eye. I am not too crazy about the WWE designs either mostly because there is no name in the front of the card and the border which just doesn’t work for me. But I have to admit the WWE action photos are top notch hence the name of the product.

The difference in card eras are very apparent I hate most 90’s design so this is pack battle goes to the WWE cards. So WWE comes out on top just like history said it would.


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