Blaster of 2008- 09 Fleer Hot Prospects & A Pack of Authentic Jersey & Card Set

(Also check out my box break of 2009-10 Panini Court Kings on my other blog here.)

So I was lurking in the card section of K-mart recently, looking for something cheap to buy and I came up with a blaster of 2008- 09 Fleer Hot Prospects. It is a low end product that is loaded with all sorts of inserts. Plus it was half off ($9.99) and guaranteed a jersey card or autograph. So what the heck, right?

My pulls:

Two New Knicks players

A card I may or may not need for my PC

A bunch of inserts

And the hit

Eh, I have pulled like 3 or 4 other Ray Allen jersey cards. Not my favorite player but I don’t hate him either.

So I have gotten Hot Prospects before and it isn’t greatest product in the world but it also ain’t the worst. With a name like Hot Prospects you don’t really get that many prospects and in fact it doesn’t really seem like the focus of the product. Like I said there a bunch of inserts and for the most part look good but I really doubt anyone wants them. I probably will never paid full price for the blaster.

Anyways, I am not a big fan but I also got a pack of the Authentic Jersey & Card Sets thingys that you probably seen around. Still it is real cheap only $4 a pack now but I question if the jersey piece is really game used. The back never says it is game or even event used but it does say it is an authentic jersey obtained from Upper Deck so who knows? My friend was with me and he was on quite a lucky streak (winning big off of scratch offs and slot machine in Atlantic City) so I let him choose the pack I was going to get and sure enough I got a beautiful set of Hakeem The Dream Olajuwon. As Tazz would say, that is pretty cool!



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2 responses to “Blaster of 2008- 09 Fleer Hot Prospects & A Pack of Authentic Jersey & Card Set

  1. Wow, another great jersey & frame! I’d never have known there were actually star players in those things if you didn’t pull ’em all the time. 😛

    Those are some nice inserts too (had only ever seen Cream of the Crop before). You can put the Dr. J’s in my pile for the next time we trade if they remain unspoken for.

  2. Sure. Not a problem.

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