Random Pack Break: Panini Crown Royale

For me Panini had a winner with Court Kings but how will Crown Royale fare? I have a single pack ’cause honestly I can’t afford a whole box.

The Pack:
Eric Gordon
Russell Westbrook
Brook Lopez All Star
Dwight Howard Royalty
Tim Duncan Royalty Jersey Card 14/499
James Johnson Gold Autograph 477/593
Jermaine O’Neal
Andre Miller

The card industry has really lacked originality as of late with them rehashing old ideas time and time again. It is not always a bad thing but you got to wonder how long the retro thing will last. Anyways Crown Royale of course is reminiscent of the flashy 90’s Pacific cards. If you know me, I don’t always like flashy cards but this design just works and I am always a sucker for die cuts. The only thing I might change in the checkerboard in the background as it is a little distracting. I am also high on the All Stars and Royalty inserts and they work even better with jersey pieces. All in all it is another win for Panini after a couple of snoozefests earlier.

As for my pulls, I haven’t check the sell sheet but getting two hits in a pack can’t be the norm and I got both a jersey card and an autograph. Tim Duncan is cool but honestly I not too excited about pulling this card. In general jersey cards really lost it luster for me. As for the auto, I really haven’t heard of James Johnson since he got drafted so it probably going to be boxed and never seen again. Oh I almost forgot the product is advertised with the autographs being on card which is absolute rarity for Panini. I hope it will continue for future products but I doubt it.


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