Random Pack Break: 2010 Topps Tribute Dynasties & Rivalries Edition

I always thought Topps Tribute is a little on the expensive side but what the heck. I decided to take a chance and bought a pack. Plus I haven’t open a baseball pack in awhile.

The pack:
Hank Greenberg
Willie Stargell
Greatest Rivalries Revisted Billy the Kid vs Pat Garrett
Fergie Jenkins I am assuming bat card 57/99
Babe Ruth 3/99

So I kind of swung and a miss. Fergie Jenkins bat card isn’t the most exciting hit in the world especially in a premium product like this. I am also not quite sure if it is a bat card since if I am not mistaken Jenkins is a pitcher and the back only says “ Congratulations You have just received a Topps Certified memorabilia card from 2010 Topps Tribute Baseball.” Very very vague. I actually wonder if the Fergie Jenkins memorabilia card of the Babe Ruth parallel 3/99 (practically 1 of 1!!) is worth more?? I just wish I knew a Cubs fan that would appreciate the Jenkins more than me…

Real quick I like but not love the design. It is simple and the rainbow foil works but honestly there isn’t really anything setting this design apart from other products. But honestly no one buys Topps Tribute for the base cards. As for the memorabilia design, it really needs an autograph and more memorabilia windows since there is so much empty space and since the photo is so small. The Greatest Rivalries Revisted is a cool concept and honestly the Billy the Kid card is probably my favorite of the pack.

All in all I paid way too much for this pack but I’ll try anything once.

Oh I also added this cool piece to my PC.

It is a 2006 Turkey Red Ichiro Blanket. I honestly have never seen one before and I knew I had to have it when I saw it in the card store display. Like the pack, I probably overpaid for it but whatever.



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4 responses to “Random Pack Break: 2010 Topps Tribute Dynasties & Rivalries Edition

  1. I don’t know what they cost you (and that is the point) but they do look nice. I agree that the wording on the Jenkins card is troubling. It doesn’t even mention Jenkins? Maybe it’s from a pallet that the cards are shipped out on.

  2. Yep I know in the past relics in this product were from seats when people assume they were from bats.

    And for the record it cost me $55. It was marked $60 in the store but I shop there frequently and usually get a couple bucks off.

  3. *cough*Appreciative Cubs fan*cough* >.> <..>

    Although I am a touch concerned about the vagueness of the CoA, and annoyed at pitcher bat cards in general, I happen to have a 2007 Kenji Johjima SPx patch card #’ed 10/40 I’ve been saving for just such a rainy day. Also, Fergie did spend the biggest chunk of his career in the National League, even posting a ridiculous for a pitcher line of .243/6/20/.761 in 1971, so there’s reasonable expectation that it could legitimately be a swatch of bat.

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