Last Blaster of Tristar TNA New Era, I Promise

I bought a ton of TNA blasters already (and I blogged most of them) but I kind of want to get closer to completing the set so I picked up yet another blaster. Right now I am a little more than 3/4 complete and I know this isn’t best way to build a set but it is the funnest (at least to me).

Sooooo, in the end I pick up exactly 0 cards I needed for the set. There are way too many doubles and I hate how the blaster has so few cards. Making it worse, it seem like each blaster has the same few cards. That sucks big time. (Didn’t scan the base cards since I practically scanned all the cool cards already and maybe I’m a bit lazy).

Anyways if anyone has TNA cards for trade, the cards I need are:

Oh and the guaranteed auto I pulled this time is:

Suicide. It is probably not worth much but I kind of like Suicide. Although I like him better when he was played by Kazarian instead of Kiyoshi. But the question since it is being played by a Japanese wrestler now should this card go in my PC.

While I’m at it, I also picked up Jay Lethal’s autograph for cheap.

On the side note this “new era” didn’t last very long as Hulk Hogan and Eric Bisoff just left the company. I guess TNA didn’t really take off as they planned. Personally only the MCMG and the Beer Money feud is the only thing worth watching right now. What a shame. So the tweet to turned out to be false.



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4 responses to “Last Blaster of Tristar TNA New Era, I Promise

  1. Joe

    I have busted quite a few of those TNA Blasters….got a bunch of extra singles. I will look tonight and let you know!

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