Mail Day: Another Trade with Lonestarr

I got this package from Lonestarr of Behind These Hazel Eyes a couple of days ago and I got to tell you I was having a very very bad day so you can say it came at just the right time. Warning I may use the words sweet and awesome a little too much in this post.

First the sketch card I guess you can say commission that started this trade.

It is an awesome, awesome sketch from Lonestarr himself and yea it is SOOO sweet. Miss Masque is one of my favorite comic book characters since her recent golden age reboot. Words really can’t tell you how awesome it is. Check out his other works in his Deviant Art page.

I also got ton of other cards.

Like Jessica Alba. Enough said.

Like this sweet Kenji Johjima patch card

I also got a ton of cards for my PC (needed all but two cards) and a bunch of Knicks/ Mets.

I almost forgot. I also got this pack of UFC Stick N Move graphics.

I love them and know Lonestarr had a little write up on it before but I am going to recycle it and probably write a blog post myself on my other blog at Inasectv. I was going to stick them on my laptop but I don’t think my office would like that and yea I not going to put them on the wall (since you know I like 23) so since I also need a little prize for my Beat My Picks contest for UFC 118, I am thinking that these graphics are perfect. Again I love them but if I don’t give it away I honestly probably going to pack in up away totally forget about it. So look out for my UFC 118 Beat My Picks contest sometime next week!

Again thanks so much Lonestarr and expect another package sooner than later.

Also don’t forget to check out my football cards for trade. I already got a trade offer and looks like I have another sketch card commission coming!


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  1. Awesome, glad it was all to your liking! 😀

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