Random Pack Break: Speed Racer CCG

Here is another interesting pack from the repack I got a little awhile ago.

The pack:

The cards are just weird. They are a PGM/ Playground Manics (never heard of them) product and they were made in 2008. Each card is made with clear plastic with pictures in front the the game mechanics on the back. One of the cards is a holographic I think and in general the cards are eye catching for all the wrong reasons with its bright checkered pattern.

As I have said, I know a thing or two about CCGs and played quite a few of them back in the day but I have never heard of this one. I am sure it was a huge flop. Plus I wonder how you play since the front and back of each card are unique so if you have good memory you would know what card you would draw from the library unless they is no deck. If that is the case, I have no idea how the game would work. Anyone knows anyone more about this product?

I also like to take a sec to thank one of my readers, Joe who helped me out with ALL the cards I needed to the complete the TNA set.

Thanks so much!



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: Speed Racer CCG

  1. Joe

    No problem…glad I could help out! The kids loved the Jets cards! Thanks a mint!!

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