Blaster Break of 2010 Topps WWE

So I got one of those $20 off for using those little store cards and I converted it into a blaster of 2010 Topps WWE since nothing else was really catching my eye.

There are 10 packs with 7 cards each and here are the best of the best.

The base cards:

The action shots are top notch.

The parallels:

It is funny that black parallel was /50 last year and this year it is /999. If you are curious, the blue parallel is /2010.

The inserts:

And the hit is this multi- color swatch card of John Morrison.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I much prefer this than the mat cards everyone else has been getting. Plus it is a much hard pull. The Superstar Swatch Relic is a 1:26 boxes pull compared to the Elimination Chamber canvas which is a 1:2 boxes pull.



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4 responses to “Blaster Break of 2010 Topps WWE

  1. I love the Mccool card.. I have to have it..

    Maybe I can talk you into a trade..

  2. Not a problem. It’s yours.

  3. Cool shoot me an email at park_dweller at yahoo dot com

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