Random Blaster Break: Gems of the Game Series 2 Hall of Fame Repack

I was looking for something a little weird to open as the NBA opening night draws closer and I came out with this. (BTW cheap plug but check out my newest blog post on Inasectv The Biggest Knicks Storylines Going Into The New Season)

Anyways it is a Gems of the Game Series 2 Hall of Fame repack and as with all repacks, I have a bad feeling about this. But my collecting motto is that I will try anything once. Each box has 10 packs and 1 guarantee graded card as the hit. Here is what they want you to think that you can pull from this product.

I am not going to bored you with the details but the “hit” I got is a Gem Mint Jermaine O’Neal rookie card. Kind of underwhelming if you ask me. I really don’t think anyone in their right mind would grade a Jermaine O’Neal card nowadays and I am not even going to bother scanning it. I wonder if the Hall of Fame part of the title means anything. Maybe if O’Neal stayed healthy for most of his career he may and I mean may have been considered for the Hall of Fame but you can’t turn back time. Right now he is just this year’s Rasheed Wallace for the Boston Celtics.

I am hoping for something to save this break and the 10 packs I got are
Skybox Inaugural Edition
2007-08 Fleer Basketball
2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects
2006-07 UD Reserve
Press Pass Legends
2007-08 Bowman Draft Picks & Stars basketball
2007-08 Topps Basketball x2
2007-08 UD Artifacts x2

And … I pulled a LeBron James jersey card!! And Hakim Warrick too. Too bad LeBron is the most hated man in the NBA right now wait the second most hated man (Kobe is still the first). Oh wells. Hakim Warrick is with the Suns now or something.

I didn’t really pull anything else worthwhile but here are two of the more interesting packs.

The UD Reserve which I never heard of

Press Pass Legends which honestly isn’t the most exciting card design in the world but they try year after year

All in all, I got really really lucky (at least for the packs) but the question now is should I buy their baseball counterpart…



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2 responses to “Random Blaster Break: Gems of the Game Series 2 Hall of Fame Repack

  1. lonestarr

    Congrats on the pulls. Reserve looks like it might be the basketball equivalent of Special F/X baseball. Design looks the same as that year’s baseball (2006), so it seems to match up.

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