Random Blaster Break: Tristar TNA Icons

Tristar TNA Icons came out not too long ago and this is my first box I mean blaster. (It just that nowhere near me sells a hobby box.) I bought a ton of the previous TNA product New ERA and I admit I am a sucker for blasters guaranteeing an auto.

Anyways right off the bat I got a couple of Mick Foley cards that I can bring to his signing this Friday which is just perfect.

Here is some of the other base cards.

The Red, Yellow, Write is a stupid name for a subset but it is Hulk Hogan’s words on other TNA wrestlers which is pretty cool. Similarly the sound off subset is a quote from the wrestlers’ themselves which again I guess is better than having a random writer come up with random tidbits. Finally since pro wrestlers doesn’t really have any stats the By the Numbers subset is kind of dumb and it ended up with wrestlers saying why a certain number is their favorite number. Here take a look.

And my hit is

a Taylor Wilde autograph. Not exactly an icon but OK. The KO division (other than the Beautiful People storyline) has been buried as of late. For example Taylor Wilde is the KO tag team champion with Hamada but no one cares. Her autograph is nice though.

Anyways, with a name like TNA Icons you would think this is a premium product stacked with icons like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Mick Foley etc but it is just another company wide product. In fact it has the same price point and same hit ratio as their predecessors. Not that is is a bad thing as I like the price point and hit ratio but sometimes a little change is good.

The design overall is not bad and looking back it is probably the strongest of the four or is it five sets. It is a huge leap forward from the ugly chain link fence design in the first product. The most notable change though is in the autographs’ design. It is tweak just a bit but this is first time I can say I actually like the auto design. They have been real bad in the past.

All in all after just completing the New Era set, I don’t really feel the urge to complete this set. I still like the product but I just feel it is too similar to products past.


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