Very Random Pack Break: 2007-08 Artifacts & 2007-08 Upper Deck First Edition

This is kind of random and I’m just cleaning out my box of unopened packs that I was going to save for Card of the Game posts but whatever. It is a pack of 2007-08 Artifacts and a pack of 2007-08 Upper Deck First Edition.

Rafer Alston
Mehmet Okur
Dirk Nowitzki
Gerald Wallace
Zach Randolph

Upper Deck First Edition:
Cedric Simmons
Nenad Krstic
Eduardo Najera
Bruce Bowen
Jermaine O’ Neal
Antonio Daniels
Kirk Hinrich
Antawn Jamison
Wilt Chamberlain Champions of the Court
Carl Landry Star Rookie

I have opened a couple of Artifacts packs because they always seem to be in repacks and bargain bins and I never get anything good from them. For the First Edition pack, the Wilt Chamberlain and the Carl Landry cards are keepers and everything else, meh. I am a fan of Carl Landry because although he wasn’t touted as a top prospect, he works hard, hustles and constantly strives to improve, shaping himself to quite a NBA contributor. In fact he was running for the sixth man of the year award last season. For the record, Landry reminds me of a little of David Lee and his brother is Marcus Landry who used to play for the Knicks so he is or was going to be the CotG (Card of the Game).

Speaking of the Knicks check out my latest blog post on the Knicks Then (Isiah Thomas era) and Now. The fact is any way you look at it the Knicks have improved.



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2 responses to “Very Random Pack Break: 2007-08 Artifacts & 2007-08 Upper Deck First Edition

  1. john bateman

    When I look at this stuff I wonder why Upper Deck even puts out cards – what are the points of these sets (other than UD to make lots of money)

  2. I admit I was a big Upper Deck fan back in the day. They had some of misses but I like them better than Topps stuff especially for basketball.

    It is funny that I was complaining there were too many products out then and now with every sport having an exclusive I am complaining that there are too little products out. Panini has some awesome products like Crown Royale but I have quickly grow bored of them.

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