Mick Foley Book Signing

Mick Foley was definitely my favorite wrestler back when I was a kid so it was great finally meeting him in his book signing. I remember always using him on the old PS2 WWE games and kept losing cause lets face it he was too slow but he was my favorite.

Mick Foley was awesome. He was chatting with the fans and took pictures with all of them. The turnout was rather small though and it has probably something to do with the terrible weather NYC has been facing as of late. My only regret was the signing allowed you to have a memorabilia for every book bought for him to sign. I knew this before from his twitter account @realmickfoley but I rushed out of the house and left the cards I wanted him to sign on the dinner table. Oh wells.

I can’t really read he inscription and he admits it himself that his handwriting is illegible but I think it says Have a Nice Day. Anyways I read some of the book and Mick Foley is definitely an excellent storyteller (probably best in the business). I may have a review of the book on this blog or my other Inasectv blog sometime soon so look out for that!



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2 responses to “Mick Foley Book Signing

  1. Damn.. I wish I knew you were going I would have fronted the money for a signed book..


  2. Mick Foley still has a lot of stops on his book tour and maybe there is some way or someone to get a signed book.


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