Random Pack Break: 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights

I am SOOOO bored today so I have two packs of 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights from my rainy day box which is kind of appropriate since in NYC it has been rainy since last week and it going to rain the rest of this week. So depressing.

Pack 1:
Alex Gonzalez
Craig Wilson
Mike Stanton
Kelly Shoppach
Kyle Lohse
Mark Redman
Francisco Liriano
Barry Bonds Home Run History 710
Postseason Highlights Polanco and Suppan MVP
Bobby Jenks
Batting Average League Leaders
Tom Gordon

Pack 2:
Oliver Perez
JJ Putz
Shawn Chacon
Rheal Cormier
Guillermo Mota
Gary Matthews
Johan Santana
Jered Weaver Gold 248/2006
Postseason Highlights Mets
Season League Leaders saves
Brian Fuentes
Cleveland Indians Team Leaders

So much has changed since 2006 only four years ago. The Mets were a playoff team. Oliver Perez was a good pickup. Tom Gordon, Mark Redman and Gary Matthews were all stars. People were celebrating Barry Bonds home run records and Jered Weaver rookie cards were a pretty big deal…


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