My New York Comic Con Haul Day 1

Before I forget my little review of Mick Foley’s latest book Countdown to Lockdown is now live on my other blog at Inasectv and you can find that here.

Anyways New York Comic Con is super awesome but super crowded and it is just Friday. I fully expect Saturday to be even more packed since you know it was announced that it was sold out. Here is what I picked up today.

Supernatural is easily my favorite show on right now so I picked up this little Supernatural autograph set.

It is of Misha Collins who plays Castiel (who is actually my favorite character on the show), Rob Benedict who plays Chuck the Prophet and Julie McNiven who plays Anna, another angel. Here are the backs of the cards.

I am actually surprised there aren’t more Supernatural autographs, hits, cards etc out there but I guess that is one of the effects of Inkworks closing shop. Oh and I also saw an autograph poster of Sam and Dean in another booth but it was $100 which may be a little outside my limit but I got two more days and I might bite.

I also got this box of 2010 Razor Ink Vault.

As you can probably tell the box is ready opened (busted it during lunch time) so I am going to cut to the case and here is what I pulled.

Christina Hendricks is a sweet pull!! I am hearing her name a lot lately and you may or may not know why. Morena Baccarin is now the star of V which I haven’t watch. I had to look it up but it looks like Alona Tal also played a small role in Supernatual in addition Veronica Mars (which again I haven’t watched ever). Finally you have Trent Ford who played Mikhail Mxyzptlk and probably not much else.

The box I got was Inkworks Angel The Final Season. I was a fan of Buffy the show but never really watched the Angel spinoff. Again I am going to cut to the chase. The hits I pulled in the box are:

Eyal Podell autograph and a piece of a shirt worn by Andy Hallet as Lorne. Kinda of eh for me.

My feet are sooo tired and I am going back head first tomorrow!!



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5 responses to “My New York Comic Con Haul Day 1

  1. Aaargh, TWO Firefly autos! HOLY CRUD that’s an epic pull dude…and one is Christina Hendricks? I hate you.

  2. Yeah, more Firefly! Awesome. 🙂

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  4. Nice. I would have been pretty happy with that Razor box – I’ve avoided them because I’m afraid of getting stuck with stuff from shows I’ve never seen. There’s way too much chance involved.

  5. Razor Ink Vault is definitely a huge gamble but I busted one awhile back and at the very least it would have been a fun break.

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