More Autographs I Got From New York Comic Con – Day 3

Sunday was a lot better than Saturday. There was actually room to move and breathe for once…

that was until I got to the line waiting for the Gundam 00 movie. I barely made it to the screening. The line waiting for it was maybe double the capacity so they had to turn down a lot of people. It was probably the most popular and talked about event in the Anime Festival side of things and it didn’t disappoint. My seat kind of sucked so I wasn’t able to read all the subtitles but the action scenes were top notch.

I wanted to get an autograph of Daphne Ashbrook yesterday but the Doctor Who booth was super crowded all day and luckily she was signing today. Ashbrook of course is a companion of the Eighth Doctor and perhaps best known as the first person the Doctor kissed. Actually the Eighth Doctor was scheduled to appear but he had to cancel last minute so that kind of sucked. But he promised the fans he will appear in NY Comic Con next year so I may bring this photo back for him to sign. Anyways Ashbrook was very nice to all the fans. She shares the enthusiasm for Doctor Who and you really felt like she liked being around her fans. I am so glad I made it to her signing.

I also got a what one booth was called lucky anime bags for like $20 with 4-6 mysterious items. I got a little Naruto keychain, a pink T-shirt of angry hamburgers which I gave to my sister and a Project Blue Earth SOS and a Once Upon a Time DVDs. The DVDs better be good or else I pretty much swung and missed. My brother got another bag and he got a Domo and a Final Fantasy miniature. I am sooo jealous.

Finally as NY Comic Con was about to close, I picked up two signed Alex Ross sketchbook from the Alex Ross booth and I think I got a good deal. One of my readers asked me to look out for an Alex Ross autograph as he was interested in trading for one but I forgot exactly who so leave a comment or email me if you are that guy. The Alex Ross Toy Design Sketchbook is the one for trade if you are still interested.

All in all, New York Comic Con was super awesome but I am so beat. Luckily tomorrow is a holiday so I can sleep in all day and I can’t wait to go next year!!!

Oh and you can check out what I got Day 1 and Day 2 here and here.



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6 responses to “More Autographs I Got From New York Comic Con – Day 3

  1. I was going to try to make it to the Gundam screening, but I ended up getting stuck on James Marsters’ autograph line longer than I wanted to be. I could not believe how many people were waiting to pay $40-$45 for his autograph – I almost didn’t do it, but I wanted to finish a Spike & Drusilla photo that Juliet Landau had signed for me a few years ago.

    I thought NY Comic Con was fun, but I’m dead tired. I don’t have the energy to post any of the stuff that I got tonight.

  2. Yep I hear ya. Honestly if you weren’t waiting on the Gundam line at least an hour before you wouldn’t get in. So looking at the bright side that is like 3 hours down your day if you went.

  3. Me

    It was crap and I don’t understand people who want to meet and worship these shitty artists and writers.

    The only good thing is all the hot half naked underage poon walking around. But even that gets old. Too crowded, too hot, too lame. The exhibit layout sucked as well.

    Tricia Helfer looks good in person.

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