Random Box Break: 2010 Leaf MMA

Ever since I wrote up a little preview for 2010 Leaf MMA (which was way back in the end of June when it was called Razor MMA), I have dying to get my hands on a box and now I have one. Fedor’s face is plaster all over the product so of course I would love to pull his auto. The box is eight packs, eight autos. Let’s see what I pulled.

Clay Guida

This is probably the best card of the box and it is serialed /25. Clay Guida will probably never be a UFC champion but he is a fan favorite and his fights are always entertaining.

Josh Koshcheck

I don’t like the guy but he is starring in this season of The Ultimate Fighter and he is going to face GSP for the Welterweight belt. For the record, I don’t give him much of a chance.

Bruce Buffer

Ugh. This is the third Bruce Buffer card I pulled. I am probably going to give one away for UFC 121 on my Inasectv blog so I guess look out for that.

Hitomi Akano

She is probably best known for being destroyed by Cyborg Santos and just coming up short of winning the Strikeforce 135 lb tournament.

Kazuo Misaki and Sanae Kikuta

I like to think I am a hardcore MMA fan but I had to look up these two Japanese fighters and yea they are a little before my time. Still their autos are probably the best of the bunch since almost everyone else is just scribble.

Gabriel Gonzaga

Gonzaga is definitely best known for knocking out Cro Cop with a vicious headkick which of course Cro Cop is most infamous for. Since then he has been more of a gatekeeper in the UFC Heavyweight division.

Mike Quick Swick

Fun fact: Mick Swick was my favorite fighter to play with in the 2009 UFC game. He wasn’t the greatest fight in the game but I can button mash the head kick button with him. Cheesey I know. Anyways Swick at one time was poise to be a top contender in the Welterweight division but he since lost two straight against Dan Hardy and Paulo Thiago so his future is cloudy with the UFC.

Here are a bunch of base cards.

Anyways as I have said, I like the mix of fighters from different organization in the checklist and I like the general look of the base cards. Some may say the tribal tattoo type with a touch of blood design may be a little cliche but I think it works. I actually prefer the design to the autographs’ design which is the base card design but with a red background. It may be just me though as I don’t really like the color red on cards especially if it dominates the whole cards. The MMA Champions is a nice little variations for autographs and I actually prefer if more autographs have that design.

One interesting I notice is there is no inserts other than the autographed inserts. The inserts is probably one of the strongest points in the Topps UFC counterparts but I guess the autographs is the main selling point for Leaf. Also as expected with such a large autograph list and the fact you get an auto per pack, getting a superstar or even someone you just like is unlikely. Personally I was hoping to get a Roxanne Modafferi (among many others) auto which should be a common pull but I guess I have to settle for a base card.

But I guess that is what trading is for.

My pulls weren’t that great but overall I love this product and I wouldn’t mind picking up another box when the price drops. At the very least I got a ton of cards to add to my PC. If you ask me which products I like better, Topps UFC or Leaf’s, it would be a tough call but I still might side with Topps. If you just care about autographs, then you might prefer Leaf but in addition to autos, I like to get memorabilia cards like cage cards, a cool set to complete and interesting inserts to mix things up a bit. Still a very strong product from Leaf, Razor or whatever they want to be called.


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