Totally Random Review of Project Blue: Earth SOS Volume 2 Infiltration

You know I never have reviews of DVDs on this blog. Plus I rarely even bring up anything anime/ manga but the truth is I have sick for the last week and I figure writing this post is a good way to kill time.

Anyways as I was saying with so much free time, time moves by so slowly so I figure to pop one of the DVDs I got in New York Comic Con/ NY Anime Festival. One is an anime freely adapted from Windaria and one is about an alien invasion. Guess which one I chose. Before I go into the review I want it to be clear, I don’t watch a ton of anime or read a lot of manga but my friends are huge fans so I watch it with them from time to time. In fact we just watch the new Gundam 00 (in New York Comic Con) so I am pretty psyche about the anime sci- fi genre at the moment and I hope Earth SOS is something like that.

Earth SOS is definitely trying to capture the old school feel of anime and honestly I prefer the over the top look and feel of Gundam better especially in the action scenes. The main plot is rather cliché but I wasn’t expecting much. Aliens invade Earth and kick their ass. Earth comes back with a super weapon but something goes wrong. Throw in a couple of mad scientists and a couple of young geniuses and there is some intrigue but the execution is horrible. The flow is very jumpy with weak transitions, making big moments seem unimportant. Making it worst, the characters are just not believable. For example, Billy Kimura the main character who is a young billionaire genius made a huge mistake trying to save his father lost in space and it cost the lives of 5 astronauts despite everyone warning him. He was distraught at first but the next scene he is back to his witty spontaneous self, despite costing lives and despite you know it being the end of the world. There are tons of other examples but that is the first one that comes to mind. Everyone is just so nonchalant about the invasion like it is was just another Sunday afternoon. Also I don’t know how common it is but the voice overs is horrible especially the main character Billy. I am almost 100% certain the Japanese voice actors are better.

Overall the anime could have work and it could have been entertaining but there are just too many flaws so I can’t really in good faith recommend the DVD to anyone. My friends are bringing me a bunch of other anime DVDs to watch so I am going to have a little anime marathon to watch by myself…


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