A Second Shot at 2010 Leaf MMA

On the aftermath of UFC 120, check out my Top 10 Fighters Hailing from the UK. Honestly this is one of the blog post I am most proud of. : )

Anyways I said that I would buy another box of 2010 Leaf MMA when the price drops but you know I just can’t wait that long so I bought two more loose packs of it.

Pack 1:

Carina Damm probably has one of the worst nicknames in MMA, Beauty but the Beast. I always though it should be Beauty and the Beast (you know like the cartoon) because Beauty but the Beast just sounds awkward. Anyways there was a small somewhat vocal group that thought very highly of her but she failed in her first major fight stateside which in fact was against Hitomi Akano in the Strikeforce women’s 135 lb tournament.

Pack 2:

Takeya Mizugaki is probably one of the bigger names in WEC and in fact he is going to face the WEC posterboy Urijah Faber in the WEC 52 main event. But Mizugaki’s career in the WEC has been somewhat uneven so I have Faber winning that fight.

Not bad overall. I honestly I don’t care too much about Carina Damm but Takeya Mizugaki is a nice card for my PC. Anyways for all you non- MMA fans out there, I have a really cool box-ish break of Army of Darkness very soon on site. I just have to look a couple of things up and watch the movie again to get in the mood.


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