My Haul from the NY Card & Coin Show

The NY Card & Coin Show was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It is even smaller than the Midtown Card Show and that had like only 15 tables. This show had maybe four tables selling cards and maybe two or three more selling other misc. stuff. The boxer Vinny Paz was supposed to be there at 1 but it didn’t seem like he was on time and I was on a tight schedule so in the end I didn’t get his auto but that is OK. I did get a bunch a cool cards for my PC.

Hisanori Takahashi Chrome Base and Auto

I didn’t get much 2010 baseball cards so if I’m not mistaken I have 0 cards of Takahashi before today.

Daisuke Matsuzaka Japanese Variant

I wasn’t sure if I had this card already so I bought it anyways. Better to be safe than sorry.

Kosuke Fukudome Topp Finest Red Refractor 10/25

This is a pretty sweet card. Too bad Fukudome sucks now.

Dae Ho Lee 09 World Baseball Classic

This was a throw in for the Takahashi cards. It is one of the few WBC cards I was missing.

Not a bad haul if I say so myself.



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7 responses to “My Haul from the NY Card & Coin Show

  1. Unless you had picked up some of his Japanese cards, those are the first Hisanori Takahashi cards in your collection.

    I still have to get the non-autographed one.

  2. Interesting I thought Takahashi would have been in the Topps base set.

    • He wasn’t supposed to make the team out of spring training, so he missed out on Series 1 & 2. From the eBay team set checklists, it looks like he missed out on being in the update series, too.

      At least they got him into Chrome…

  3. What did you pay for the Dice-K card?

  4. If I remember right, the Dice-K was marked $5 but I bought most of my cards from the same guy so I got a slight discount altogether.

  5. Mike

    I heard they are moving the show to Aviator Sports On Flatbush Avenue This Month

  6. Yea I heard that too. I’m thinking about going. We’ll see.

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