Third Time’s A Charm: More 2010 Leaf MMA – Sweet Pull!!

I just love 2010 Leaf MMA so I decided to pick up two more packs after work and I am SOOO glad I did. In my first pack I pulled a Dave “Pee Wee” Herman auto which honestly is kind of meh.

He is an obscure fighter to even hardcore MMA fans. I think he fights for Bellator but there was some sort of lawsuit and I don’t really know what happened afterwards. Anyways the nickname Pee Wee is ironically as Dave Herman is a huge Heavyweight.

And now the my best pull from 2010 Leaf MMA by far… It’s a Cain Velasquez autograph!!

Pulling a Velasquez auto days after he destroyed the UFC posterboy Brock Lesnar is pretty sweet. UFC 121 was an awesome, entertaining card and the main event didn’t disappoint. It is the type of fight that you show your friends to convert them into fans. Actually last week was actually loaded with MMA with event from the Big 3 (Bellator, Strikeforce and UFC) and here is a little recap if you missed it.

My friends say I should sell the Cain Velasquez auto right now since he is at his peak of his popularity but I don’t know. I kind of want to keep it. I am not the biggest Velasquez fan but he is slowly winning me over.



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4 responses to “Third Time’s A Charm: More 2010 Leaf MMA – Sweet Pull!!

  1. Two Thumbs Up For Dave “Pee Wee” Herman!!!

  2. AussieMMA


    TOPPS cards flooded the market. These are rarer than TOPPS autos.

    And Cain is the terminator ! that is the best nickname in all of MMA. Watch as he demolishes the best HW’s time and time again and rules the division for years.

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