Halloween Box-ish Break: Dynamic Forces Army of Darkness

I saved this little box-ish break for Halloween. Army of Darkness of course is a cult classic and in fact I only recently bought the DVD to add it to my collection. OK honestly I bought the DVD just in case I went to the Bruce Campbell signing in the New York Comic Con but I was distracted all weekend. Oh wells. This isn’t a box break per se but I did buy out all the Army of Darkness packs in the bargain bin at my local comic book store. I got 38 packs in total which comes out to two more packs than a box. The box odds are 36 packs per box, 7 cards per pack, containing 2 glow in the dark cards, 1 box topper and 2-3 hits which can be autographs or sketch cards. Oh also don’t forget to check out Bad Wax’s inaugural (Anti?) Brag Photo of Week which happens to be my Signa Cuts Candy Maldonado autograph. It’s real bad I tell ya. Anyways…

The base cards:

Defying all odds I am missing card #23 which sucks big time. I have 2 almost complete sets (both just missing card #23) and a bunch of doubles. Every box is guaranteed a set but I don’t really have a case since I didn’t buy a sealed box. I don’t know how many people bought this product but I would really like to trade for card #23 just for closure. Update: Did a little digging and it looks like that everyone is missing card #23 because it wasn’t printed. You had to send for #23 but that was years ago. Weird huh.

It is no biggie to me but here is the box topper which was sandwiched between two packs.

Now for the good news. I got more hits than it was guaranteed. Update: It looks that more than 3 hits is the norm.

In the end I got three awesome sketch cards.

They are pretty sweet. I just wish the back of the card told me who drew them. Update: I did A LOT of digging and the NB one is Nick Bradshaw and the S in a box one is Filip Sablik. The other one unfortunately is not signed by the artist but I think it may be John Lucas (most likely) or Robert Randle by process of elimination since the other sketch artists usually sign their work. For those who are curious the sketch card checklist is Nick Bradshaw, John Lucas, Gordon Purcell, Tim Seely, Robert Randle, Filip Sablik, and John Czop

Anyways I also got an autograph of Richard Grove who played Duke Henry the Red in the movie.

Finally I got three glow in the dark cards which actually don’t glow all that much. I tested it.

All in all I can’t complain too much about this break. It would have been sweet to complete at least on set but the hits more they make up for it.



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2 responses to “Halloween Box-ish Break: Dynamic Forces Army of Darkness

  1. ragnarocker

    Hi there, you will be happy to know that you actually do have a complete set of cards. Card 23 was misplaced in a warehouse somewhere and therefore not available in packs. However, Dynamic Forces allegedly offer the card for $1 if you email them.

  2. Yea I read about that in a forum. Dynamic Forces messed up big time.

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