2010-11 Panini Prestige

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first basketball product of the new season and of the latest draft class.

The rookie cards are definitely the best of the bunch. I got the first licensed card of John Wall the first overall draft pick so that is pretty sweet. But honestly the card I am most excited about is Jeremy Lin. If you don’t know who he is, I have a nice little writeup here.

What is weird about the rookies cards are all of them (non-parallel versions) have the line The attached autograph is guaranteed by Panini America, Inc on the back. Of course none of them have autos or I would have had 8 autos in a blasters but I so wish I could send them to back to Panini saying they are missing their stickers…

Anyways there were a bunch of base cards ranging from legends to superstars to benchwarmers but the only three cards that I really want are the only two Knicks cards I pulled and Yi Jianlian for my PC. The Amare card may be the first as a Knick.

The inserts are kind of blah. The Evan Turner Bonus Shots Parallel is 150/499 which ain’t bad at all.

The guaranteed hit of the blaster is a boring white swatch of Andrew Bogut. Zzzzzz

As a whole the cards aren’t bad but I have been saying for sometime now that Panini products all look and feel the same and that still rings true. It is really hard to be excited about their products for too long.


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  1. I’ve picked up a few packs of these and noticed the autograph phrase on the backs of the rookies too. I thought I got ripped off at first and wanted to return them for autos also.

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