Autographs from the MMA World Expo

The MMA World Expo just kind of crept up on me. A friend only told me about it the day before but I have always wanted to go since last year’s event (which I missed). It sucks that I can only go to only one of those days and I had plans later in that day but I think I made the most of the time there.

I woke up late so I arrive at the Expo a lot later than I wanted too. I immediately stood in line for the Jon Bones Jones, Phil Nurse and Carlos Condit autographs line. They were signing from 12 to 1:30 and I swear I finally got in front of the line like five minutes before 1:30. All three were real cool, personalizing every auto and taking pictures with every fan. There was another set of autograph signers (the M-1 Global tournament winners) but I think the Team Wat signers stayed a bit longer to accommodate all the fans.

Jon Bones Jones of course is probably the most exciting MMA prospect right now and he faces his biggest test thus far in another top prospect Ryan Darth Bader. Carlos Condit is coming off one of the sickest knockouts against the popular Dan Hardy. Finally Kru Phil Nurse is a renown Muay Thai fighter and head trainer of the famous Wat Gym.

Anyways I walked around the show floor for a little while (picking up all the freebies I can!!), watched a little bit of the Renzo Gracie BJJ tournament and classes and met a couple of friends so I thought is was a good day. I wished I could have stuck a little around longer for M-1 Global Q&A and maybe even to try to get Ben Saunders and Renzo Gracie autographs but I still super psyched about my Jon Bones Jones autographs which is one I wanted a long, long time. I have more pictures in my camera but I kind of lost the wire to connect to my computer…

Oh also last week was jammed pack with MMA (and boxing) events so if you missed anything here is a little cheat sheet.



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2 responses to “Autographs from the MMA World Expo

  1. Cool autograph. Good thing your friend told you about the expo!

  2. Yep. I am usually on top of these things but I somehow I missed all the ads for the expo.

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