Random Pack Break: 2010 Topps UFC

I saw packs of 2010 Topps UFC in the card machine in my local supermarket and decided to spurge on one even though they were a little overpriced (ok they were way overpriced).

The pack:
Andre Winner
Darrill Schoonover
Jon Madsen
UFC Fully Loaded Poster
UFC Ultimate Gear Lyoto Machida
Matt Brown
Jon Fitch
Cain Velasquez

I was fearing the worst but to my surprise I pulled a hit, a Lyoto Machida Ultimate Gear which is pretty sweet. Even though he lost to Shogun Rua, I am still a huge fan. In fact he faces a dangerous Rampage Jackson this Saturday. It should be a good card and here are my UFC 123 picks and predictions.



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: 2010 Topps UFC

  1. Hughes vs. Penn is going to be awesome… they’re two of my favorites and it should be amazing. I think Penn is going to win… but I’m just hoping for a great fight.

    As for the Jackson/Machida fight… I hope Machida wins. Although if I had to predict a winner, I’d go with Jackson.

    By the way… sweet Machida Ultimate Gear card!

  2. Thanks!

    Yea I actually don’t give Rampage Jackson much of a chance. Machida is too quick and too exclusive for Rampage to land anything. As for Penn, he has his back against the wall but Hughes is going to be a tough opponent for him. We’ll see I guess.

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